Months of Your Life is an app that measures the passage of time in your life. It displays a rectangle of 1080 squares. Each square represents a month and together they make for 90 years - a probable life expectancy nowadays. The gray squares represent the months that have already passed and the red one are the ones ahead of you.

The app also displays months of the current year and days of the current month.

The idea was to give the user the chance to look at their life as a finite commodity rather than an infinite pool to draw form. As Bob Dylan wrote: time is an ocean, but it ends at the shore. This view of ones life as whole is, at least for me, an inspiring and motivating perspective to use it in a good way.

I also wanted to make this app relate to user in a different way than most apps. For one, it is purely contemplative. There is no purpose for it other than that. But more importantly the way it is meant to be used relates directly to the theme of it - the best way to use it is as a companion to once life. One can take a look at it every once in a few months or even years and see how the pattern of gray and red squares has changed. The existence of the app creates a bond with the user. From the day you type in your date of birth it will always be there as a witness to your life (unless you delete it :)).

Tools: Unity, Photoshop


Links: PC version, Android version



Echoes Guide Me is a game in which you are the voice in somebody's head. You can guide them or push them of the ledge. Help them or destroy them.

Tools: Unity, Ink plugin for Unity, Photoshop

In Development.